odd castles
☁ ☁ ☁
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☁ infinite transience beyond earthly horizons/ mix for stadiumsshrines

☁ crucial worldly headspace/ dreams of k-pop ecstasy☁☁

☁ I was dreaming of just you☁☁

☁ lifted or eternally in dreams/ mix for the le sigh☁☁

☁ enigmatic all encompassing presence☁☁

☁ ✈☁☁

☁ incandescent frames/ 420 ambient interlude☁☁

☁ in the blue shirt☁☁

☁ find me in the dark i’ll be in the stars☁☁

☁ chasing every reminder/ loose episodic narrative☁☁

☁ if there’s something going on tell me☁☁

☁ one yoshi wondered as he bounced, if baby browser could be trounced

☁ isolated mountain view/ sorted deep web care package☁☁